Thermo Scientific™

HCS Studio™ 2.0 Cell Analysis Software, client installation

Catalog number: SX000041A
Thermo Scientific™

HCS Studio™ 2.0 Cell Analysis Software, client installation

Catalog number: SX000041A
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SX000041A1 each
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Thermo Scientific™ HCS Studio™ 2.0 Cell Analysis Software is the engine behind Thermo Scientific™ High Content Products. HCS Studio 2.0 Cell Analysis Software allows access to all instrument configuration and control functions with software-resident protocols that provide visual feedback to enable custom assay protocol setup, image acquisition, analysis, and data visualization. HCS Studio 2.0 Cell Analysis Software works in concert with Thermo Scientific Store™ Image and Database Management Software to analyze and store the resulting high content images and data.

Features of HCS Studio 2.0 Cell Analysis Software:

• Protocol Creation—Assay protocols can be created from pre-configured templates or completely by the user. After image acquisition and analysis have been performed, data can be stored at the cell–, field–, and well–levels.
• Online Phenotyping—Cells can be identified and separated based on features selected by the user. Appropriate numbers of cells can then be analyzed within the phenotypic parameters.
• Analysis of Multiple Image Formats—Allows image formats from a variety of sources and in several different image formats to be imported, analyzed, and compared to cell data acquired locally, and stored using the Store Image and Database Management Software.
• Comparison and Optimization of Two Biological Extents—Allows the user to eliminate user bias from analyses when more than one cell type is being interrogated.

HCS Studio 2.0 Cell Analysis Software Capabilities:

• HCS Studio 2.0 Cell Analysis Software expertly balances flexibility with ease-of-use through intuitive interfaces, intelligent design and powerful image analysis tools leading to meaningful dynamic measurements at the cell-, field-, and well- levels.
• Task Oriented Approach—Straightforward workflow and >30 pre-configured assays allows a new user to generate meaningful data almost immediately.
• Seamless Scale-up—Experienced users will find numerous tools and help functions to allow for the development of custom assay protocols and visualizations.


• The Thermo Scientific™ HCS Studio™ Navigator Application is the launching point for Assay Development (configuration, population characterization, data selection), Instrument Control, Data Visualization, and Image/Data Portability.
• The Thermo Scientific™ HCS Studio™ Scan Application controls both image acquisition and image analysis including the variables for data generation (imaging parameters, algorithm setting, population identification, selective data storage, and sample identification) for efficient retrieval from the database.
• All in an intuitive package that is workflow–oriented and contains sufficient preconfigured functionalities that the novice can use straight away but allows the experienced user to find sufficient flexibility to keep it challenging while maintaining the quality of data produced.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Product Line
HCS Studio™
For Use With (Equipment)
ArrayScan High Content Analysis (HCA) Readers, CellInsight CX5 High Content Screening (HCS) Platform
Image Acquisition, Image Analysis