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ViewPoint™ Enterprise Remote Monitoring Instrument Group

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Radiation Detection Measurement

In a radiation emergency, precise data on the conditions of and around personnel is needed fast. The Thermo Scientific™ ViewPoint™ Enterprise Remote Monitoring Instrument Group is a family of hardware and software solutions that facilitate rapid response and reduced radiation exposure through remote real-time monitoring of personnel and the surrounding area. Key components in the ViewPoint family are the Thermo Scientific™ CNET 3000 Reachback Communications System, Thermo Scientific™ ViewPoint™ Web Mapping Client, and Thermo Scientific™ VP-SaT ViewPoint Standalone Terminal.
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CNET 3000 Reachback Communications Network System
The CNET 3000 system is a rugged and portable battery- or line- powered communications system used for field access to central command centers and reachback support facilities. The CNET 3000 works with one or more Thermo Scientific™ CNET 1000 wireless devices as a base radio transeiver and the Thermo Scientific™ CNET 500 operating as a mesh receiver, or passthrough connected to an instrument to be monitored. Sensors and instrumentation to be monitored are easily connected through the integral Ethernet, 900 MHz radio, and Wi-Fi. Laptop PCs or the VP-SaT ViewPoint Standalone Terminal can easily obtain wireless internet access using one of these methods.

VP-SaT ViewPoint Standalone Terminal
The VP-SaT ViewPoint Standalone Terminal is a ruggedized, standalone implementation of the ViewPoint Enterprise Remote Monitoring System that integrates ViewPoint with other Thermo Scientific radiation monitoring software and hardware. A VP-SaT, working in conjunction with the CNET 3000, can act as the base station and data management center for an internetconnected portable network of wireless devices, including Thermo Scientific dosimeters and other instrumentation. The CNET 1000 Transceiver provides a convenient way to wirelessly connect almost any device with a serial data stream to the network. Devices can communicate directly through the CNET 3000, or use one or more VP-SaT units to create a distributed network. Field teams can be outfitted quickly , providing flexible portable response in either urban or remote environments.

ViewPoint Web Mapping Client
The ViewPoint Web Mapping Client is a secure browser based application which can run within an internet browser. It provides a simple and easily deployable mapping and visual tool for displaying sensor/instrument data to personnel not requiring the need for a locally installed mapping client. The tool is a full server application and can be deployed on the ViewPoint Enterprise Servers or in any standard secured Internet or intranet network webserver. The application provides visual location, readings, alarms and individual instrument icons to aid the user in monitoring remote personnel and instruments.