Thermo Scientific™

Area Radiation Monitoring System for Nuclear Power Plants

Related applications:

Radiation Detection Measurement

The turnkey, drop-and-go Thermo Scientific™ Area Monitoring Package for Nuclear Power Plants for nuclear power facilities is ideal for situations where simple and rapid area monitoring setup is needed. The package is designed for rapid deployment for remote monitoring use in a wired (LAN) or wireless environment.

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Thermo Scientific Area Radiation Monitoring System incorporates the highly versatile and functional Thermo Scientific CNET1500 Network Docking Station Gamma Monitor (CNET 1500 NDS) with the industry leading software monitoring system—Thermo Scientific ViewPoint Enterprise™.

Components and Key Features of Package:

CNET1500 NDS (with EPD)

  • Wired (LAN) or wireless (2.4 GHz) connectivity to ViewPoint server
  • Point-to-point or radio base station mode (for connecting to other CNETs or EPD transmitters)
  • Multi-range EPD sensor
  • Configurable alarm set points
  • Audible and visual alarms
  • Drop-and-go setup

ViewPoint™ Enterprise Software System

  • ViewPoint server and single client workstation
  • EPD + CNET1500 NDS Plug-ins
  • Fully networkable configuration - remote viewing capable
  • Email/text interface
  • Full graphing and historical data analysis

CNET1500 W Wireless Network Base

  • 2.4 GHz wireless base capability
  • LAN compatible
  • Remote antenna capable

EPD-G Gamma Radiation Detector

  • 0.5 mR/h to 30 R/h range
  • Internal alarms/self diagnostics

Onsite support/training

  • Complimentary ViewPoint training class (half-day)
  • Configuration and Field Set Up Assistance (half-day)


  • CNET1500 NDS (with EPD)
  • ViewPoint Enterprise Software System
  • CNET1500 W Wireless Network Base
  • EPG-G Gamma Radiation Dosimeter
  • Onsite support/training

Recommended for:

  • Radiation waste handling activities
  • Outage related activities: Steam generator platform coverage; Fuel handling activities; Reactor maintenance activities such as CRDM maintenance, reactor incore/seal table, reactor cavity, etc.; Monitoring of high rad areas to streamline and improve HRA entry control