I-Block™ Protein-Based Blocking Reagent

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I-Block reagent is a highly purified casein-based blocking reagent. It provides superior blocking compared to both dried milk and BSA. Unlike other casein-based blocking reagents, I-Block reagent is essentially biotin-free. I-Block reagent is tested in assays using Tropix substrates and alkaline phosphatase conjugates, and is useful as a blocking reagent in membrane-based and immunoassay applications.

The suggested working concentration is 0.2% (w/v) for detection of nucleic acids on neutral or positively-charged nylon membranes and for immunoassays and protein detection on membranes (nitrocellulose, PVDF, or neutral nylon). For protein detection on positively-charged nylon membrane (such as TropilonPlus membrane), a concentration of 3% is recommended. I-Block blocking solution is prepared in either Tris- or phosphate-buffered saline buffer with heating (40-50°C).

This casein-based blocking reagent can be used with Western-Light, Western-Light Plus, Western-Star, ELISA-Light, Southern-Light, and Southern-Star detection systems.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Buffer: Blocking Buffers
For Use With: Western-Light™ Detection System, Western-Star™ Detection System, Southern-Star™ Detection System, ELISA-Light™ Detection System, Southern-Light™ Detection System, Western-Light Plus™ Detection System
Shipping Condition: Room Temperature
Product Line: I-Block™, NovaBright™

Contents & storage

Store the product at room temperature.