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Lab Vision™ Fast-Red Substrate System

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Employ a widely used chromogen for immunohistochemical staining and immunoblotting Thermo Scientific™ Lab Vision™ Fast-Red Substrate System.
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In the presence of alkaline phosphatase enzyme, Fast-Red produces a bright red precipitate that is soluble in alcohol.


TA-060-AF: 12 Fast-Red Tablets (TA-012-AFC), 60mL Naphthol Phosphate Substrate (TA-060-AFS)

TA-125-AF: 25 Fast-Red Tablets (TA-025-AFC), 125mL Naphthol Phosphate Substrate (TA-125-AFS)

Staining Protocol: 1. Add one Fast-Red tablet to 5mL of Naphthol Phosphate Substrate and shake until fully dissolved.

2. Apply solution to tissue section.

3. Incubate tissue section for 10-25 minutes.

4. Rinse tissue, counterstain, and cover slip using an aqueous mounting media.