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Lab Vision™ Trypsin (Enzymatic Pretreatment)

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Take advantage of the digestive properties of Thermo Scientific™ Lab Vision™ Trypspin (Enzymatic Pretreatment) for immunohistochemical procedures.
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  • Supplied as a two-component system

Storage Conditions: Store at 2°-8°C. Stable for 18 months.

Includes: TA-015-TR: 15mL (Buffer) (TA-015-TRB), 5mL (Trypsin concentrate) (TA-005-TRC)
TA-125-TR: 125mL (Buffer) (TA-125-TRB), 30mL (Trypsin concentrate) (TA-030-TRC)


1. Combine Trypsin concentrate with buffer in 1:3 (one part to three parts) for a working solution of 0.125% Trypsin solution.

2. Incubate the Trypsin mixture on the tissue section for 10 minutes at 37°C.

3. Rinse with cool buffer solution to stop the digestive action, and proceed with remainder of immunohistochemical protocol (i.e., application of the primary antibody).