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Lab Vision™ Tris Buffered Saline and Tween 20 (20X)

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Anatomical Pathology

Take advantage of a wash buffer for immunolabeling techniques with the Utilize Thermo Scientific™ Lab Vision™ Tris-Buffered Saline and Tween™ 20 (20X).
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  • Tween 20 is added to promote more effective washings, resulting in decreased nonspecific background staining
  • Tween 20 aids reagent spreading on slides

Storage Conditions: Store at room temperature. Stable for 2 years from date of manufacture. Use diluted solution within one week

For in vitro diagnostic use
Diluting Procedure: To make 1X TBS/Tween 20 solution dilute conctentrate 20X with distilled water. Use 50mL PBS concentrate per 950mL DI water. Measure and pour appropriate volume of 20X PBS concentrate into a mixing flask and add DI water to final volume. Stir briefly. The 1X solution should be pH 7.6±0.2. The pH of the soution may require slight adjustment. Adjust pH with 1N HCl (if pH is high) or 1N NaOH (if pH is low).