Thermo Scientific™

5G Terra Core Soil Sampler

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Industrial & Applied Science

Save time with this no fuss, no mess disposable transfer tool. Thermo Scientific™ 5G Terra Core Soil Sampler is a cost effective tool for soil sampling as described in USEPA SW-846 Method 5035. The Terra Core soil sampler delivers an approximate 5g sample quickly and conveniently into a 40mL VOA vial for in-field preservation. Vial threads stay free of debris and and volatile target analytes are better maintained by minimal exposure and handling than manual spatula methods.
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  • Rugged all-in-one design eliminates the need for a separate handle
  • More convenient than make-your-own cut-off syringes
  • Simple operation makes sampling easy and effective
  • Minimizes sample handling to reduce target analyte loss