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Lab Vision™ Tissue Microarray (TMA) Builder, 6 x 4 array

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Simultaneously compare a variety of molecular and protein parameters (DNA, RNA, using molecular biology techniques, and proteins by immunohistochemistry/immunocytochemistry) in tissues from dozens of individual specimens in a single TMA with the Thermo Scientific™ Lab Vision™ Tissue Microarray (TMA) Builder. The TMA builder allows for up to 24 different tissue samples to be present in a single tissue block in a 6 x 4 array.
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Like the DNA chip, which scans the genome for alterations or abnormal gene expression, the Tissue Micro Array (TMA) permits parallel processing of biological samples. The TMA technology can be used to identify diagnostic markers, parameters to predict aggressiveness of cancer, and other biological characteristics of tumor cells.
  • Mold is used to create a recipient paraffin block with 24 x 2.0mm holes arranged in a 6 x 4 array
  • Tissue punch extractor takes cores from existing paraffin-embedded tissue blocks and injects the tissue cores into the holes of the recipient block
  • Blocks can be sliced into hundreds of consecutive sections of 3 to 4µm each, making it possible to rapidly analyze hundreds of parameters in the same set of specimens
  • Two-piece mold set
  • Punch extractor
  • Mold screws
Recommended For:
  • High throughput screening
  • Rapid screening of novel gene or protein expressions