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Antaris™ II Transmission Sampling Supplies and Accessories

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Industrial & Applied Science

Thermo Scientific™ Transmission Sampling Supplies and Accessories, for use with the Antaris II™ FT-NIR Transmission module, offer easy data collection and flexibility for liquid, film and paper samples. A complete range of transmission sampling supplies and accessories for use with the Thermo Scientific Antaris II FT-NIR Transmission module are available to support the quality control testing of raw materials, chemicals, polymers, surfactants and formulations.

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Cuvettes, Culture Tubes, Vials and Holders

A variety of sampling supplies are available to aid in the handling of liquid samples.

  • Cuvettes with pathlength of 1mm or 5mm
  • Cuvettes with stoppers or solid caps
  • Disposable borosilicate glass cuvettes
  • Disposable 6mm culture tubes
  • 8mm Clear Crimp Vials with PTFE Cap
  • Holders designed for reproducible positioning of cuvettes, culture tubes, and vials in the Antaris FT-NIR Automated Transmission module

Sample Transmission Cards and Holder

  • Self-adhesive cards to secure polymer films or solid samples for transmission analysis
  • Includes an area for noting the sample number and date of analysis
  • Holder designed for reproducible positioning of sample transmission cards in the Antaris FT-NIR‚ Automated Transmission module

External Heaters

  • For cuvettes and culture tubes
  • Allows users to quickly preheat multiple samples — saving time in routine sample analysis
  • Available in 120V (US version) and 230V (CE marked international version)

Recommended for:

  • Liquids
  • Films
  • Papers