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Thermo Scientific™

PTFE/Silicone Discs

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Industrial Chromatography

Ensure air-tight, inert seals with autoclavable Thermo Scientific™ PTFE/Silicone Discs. They are specifically designed to combine the resealability of silicone with the inertness of PTFE. These discs reseal instantly puncture after puncture, and the PTFE coating is structurally bonded so that no cement is leached or baked out of your sample after needle penetration. Many sizes are available to fit Thermo Scientific™ Reacti-Vial™ Small Reaction Vials, Thermo Scientific™ Screw Cap Septum Vials, and Thermo Scientific™ Hypo-ViaI™ Sample Storage Vials.
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Additional Product Information

Each disc compresses to maintain a tight seal, forcing the PTFE coating to conform to the sealing surface.

Standard syringe and CC needles penetrate an entire disc with ease.

The PTFE layer is a full 10 mils thick to ensure protection

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