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Silylation Grade Solvents

Silylation Grade Solvents
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Industrial Chromatography

Use specially manufactured and packaged Thermo Scientific™ Silylation Grade Solvents to meet the exacting needs of silylation and other sensitive derivatization reactions. They are purified, dried, and packaged under nitrogen in convenient Thermo Scientific™ Hypo-Vial™ Sample Storage Vials, and are supplied with elastomer septa to enable immediate access to the sample without exposure to moisture and oxygen. Use polar solvents (acetonitrile, dimethylformamide, dimethylsulfoxide, pyridine, tetrahyrdrofuran) to facilitate reactions; nonpolar organic solvents may be used but will not accelerate the rate of reaction.
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Recommended Use

Avoid water or alcohol, as TMS reagents react with active hydrogen.

Avoid enolizable ketones.

Use dimethylformamide for steroids and other large molecules.

Use dimethylsulfoxide to prepare TMS derivatives of tertiary alcohols and some compounds with low solubility in other silylation solvents.

Pyridine is an excellent solvent and reaction medium for MS reactions and is an HCI acceptor in reactions involving organochlorosilanes.

Other commonly used solvents include tetrahydrofuran and acetonitrile.

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