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Perfluoroacylimidazoles (TFAI and HFBI) Acylation Reagents

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Industrial Chromatography

Conduct acylation of hydroxyl groups and primary and secondary amines with the Thermo Scientific™ Perfluoroacylimidazoles (TFAI and HFBI). Compared to acid chlorides and anhydrides, the reactions of fluorinated acylimidazoles are smooth and quantitative, and produce no acid byproducts. The principal byproduct is imidazole, which is relatively inert. The volatile and stable fluoroacyl derivatives are ideal for FID and electron-capture detection (ECD) techniques.
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Used in bifunctional derivatization schemes and in exchange reactions in which TMS derivatives are converted to HFB derivatives.

Hydroxyl groups of catecholamines are derivatized with TMSI, followed by conversion of the amines to acylamides with HFBI.

Tryptamine and metabolites present in spinal fluid have been analyzed by ECD using HFBI.

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