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Tri-Sil TBT (TMSI:BSA:TMCS) Reagent

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Industrial Chromatography

Employ a catalyzed silylation reagent formulation, for derivatization of hydroxyls with the Thermo Scientific™ Tri-Sil TBT (TMSI:BSA:TMCS) Reagent. Composed of TMSI/BSA/TMCS (3:3:2), this catalyzed silylation reagent formulation typically reacts with hydroxyls in a short period of time at 60–80 °C to form TMS ethers. Highly hindered hydroxyls may require several hours.
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  • Converts all classes of hydroxyl groups to TMS ethers
  • Under usual conditions, the reaction is complete in a short period of time at 60 to 80°C, although very hindered hydroxyls may require several hours
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General References:

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