Thermo Scientific™

TSQ Quantis™ Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer

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Industrial Mass Spectrometry

Easily answer critical analytical challenges during targeted quantitation workflows in your laboratory. With its segmented quadrupoles, faster rod drivers, and improved electron multipliers, the Thermo Scientific™ TSQ Quantis™ Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer delivers unprecedented robustness with best-in-class sensitivity for everyday use and for every user.

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The TSQ Quantis MS seamlessly integrates with industry-leading quantitation software, HPLCs and UHPLCs, and sample preparation solutions; it also offers enhanced efficiency during targeted quantitation workflows for a wide array of molecular species. Other benefits include:

  • Superb sensitivity that generates data for all molecular species, even in complex matrices.
  • Outstanding robustness that enables increased confidence in data while prolonging instrument uptime.
  • Reliability and reproducibility improve data quality for every run and every sample.
  • Close integration with application-specific software ensures increased productivity across all application markets.
  • Simplicity and ease-of-use allow users of all expertise levels to acquire high quality data with improved confidence in results.