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UltraFast™ UFC-1701 GC Columns

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Industrial & Applied Science

Dramatically increase the speed of your analysis with Thermo Scientific™ UltraFast™ UFC-1701 GC Columns. If your laboratory processes large numbers of samples each day, UltraFast GC columns have the processing speed and throughput you need. These short, narrow-bore columns are designed for use with the Thermo Scientific TRACE GC UltraFast gas chromatograph configuration. Together they deliver a significant gain in analysis speed compared to conventional GC procedures.
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Tailored Specifically for Robustness and Speed

UltraFast GC columns utilize short (2–10m), narrow-bore capillaries and temperature programming conditions usually fast than 2°C/s, which results in peak widths in the 50-200ms range. As a result, analysis times average 1 minute or less. Benefits include:

  • Dramatically shorter analysis times
  • Increased sample throughput–by a factor of 20
  • Longer column lifetimes

UltraFast UFC-1701 Columns Uses:

  • General