Thermo Scientific™

Cryogenic Storage Chest Freezers

Related applications:

Cold Storage

Maintain uniform temperatures of −140° and −150°C (safely below the −130°C glass transition temperature of water) with Thermo Scientific™ Cryogenic Storage Chest Freezers. These freezers offer mechanical cryopreservation for long-term biological storage and are safer and more convenient than LN2 systems.

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  • Top-to-bottom temperature uniformity is dramatically improved when compared to LN2 vapor.
  • Cell viability is improved as biologically relevant, thermally driven reactions are not known to occur.
  • System offers manual defrost.

Refrigeration System:

  • Exclusive mixed refrigerant autocascade with a single, orbital air-cooled compressor
  • Downfeed evaporator
  • High-capacity air-cooled condenser with dual condenser fans
  • Washable condenser filter

IntrLogic™ Microprocessor Control System:

  • Touchpad data entry with digital display of all functions
  • Key-operated main power and alarm switch for setpoint security
  • Setpoints adjustable in 1°C increments
  • Independent operating temperature and high/low limit alarm functions

Alarm System:

  • Power failure or temperature deviation triggers audible and visual warning.
  • Automatic Incident Monitor identifies temperature deviation beyond alarm setpoints.
  • System includes adjustable safety alarm with automatic, continuous charge battery backup and digital battery indicator.
  • System includes touchpad alarm test function RS-232 data port with system software.
  • Exterior alarm contacts for connection to remote monitoring system.

Monitoring System:

  • Lifeguard compressor protection to monitor performance and automatically adjust to internal and external conditions
  • Extreme Ambient Alert that warns if room temperature can affect performance
  • Voltage Boost Indicator that advises of low source voltage below safe parameters and indicates voltage boost system is activated
  • On-board power monitoring with digital readout of incoming line voltage
  • Built-in surge suppressor
  • “Clean Filter” indicator


  • Low-profile design for easy access to inventory
  • Heavy-gauge steel cabinet with high-impact powder paint finish
  • Heavy-duty counterbalanced lid with integrated keyed lock and independent sublids
  • Double-seal lid gaskets minimize frost buildup
  • Minimum 5 in. (12.7cm) foamed-in-place closed-cell, CFC-free urethane insulation
  • Access port, 1 in. (2.54cm) diameter, with cap
  • Recessed heavy-duty swivel casters

Ordering Information:

Uses standard Thermo Scientific inventory racks and fiberboard boxes, available separately. 208/230V model comes with P6 plug. 380V and 220/240V models require a hardwire connection.