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Catalog number: UPOLISHER
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Catalog number: UPOLISHER
The Thermo Scientific™ μPolisher system is a unique solution for in situ, very low energy, local surface modification, including polishing and cleaning of bulk samples. The system uses static beam of gaseous Ar+ ions with adjustable energies and a wide range of ion currents to ensure gentle surface polishing on a large variety of applications.
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Key Benefits​

  • Unique solution with potential to enable large number of novel, unexplored applications
  • Very low energy milling with a static ion beam (20 - 500eV) for the most gentle surface polishing​
  • In situ SEM/DualBeam solution, allowing for experimentation after cleaning without the need to break the vacuum​
  • Small spot size for precise local surface treatment without re-deposition​
  • Wide range of operating conditions, for large variety of applications
  • Fully integrated in the microscope user interface, providing easy and intuitive operation

Potential applications​

  • Low damage milling
  • ​Removal of oxidation layer​
  • Cleaning of surface from hydrocarbons
  • Removal of Ga contamination
  • Reduction of damage layer after FIB processing


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