Thermo Scientific™

ValPro™ System Qualification Software for NIR Analyzers

Achieve cGMP and FDA regulatory compliance with the Thermo Scientific™ ValPro™ System Qualification Software for NIR Analyzers. Providing a full set of tools for DQ, IQ, OQ and PQ testing of the Thermo Scientific™ Antaris™ FT-NIR Analyzers, this package includes software, extensive documentation and a validation wheel with NIST™ traceable and USP-recommended standards.

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The ValPro System Qualification Software for NIR Analyzers Features:

  • Instrument and software DQ documentation
  • Installation procedures, testing routines and documentation for IQ
  • Instrument tests for system stability and performance
  • Pharmacopeial-recommended instrument tests for wavelength accuracy, spectrophotometric noise and photometric linearity
  • Automated operation of all instrument tests
  • Troubleshooting tree to resolve instrument problems
  • Serialized, traceable NIST standards
  • Ability to independently validate the instrument, sampling techniques and methods
  • Templates and test limits for other NIST, NPL or user-defined product testing standards
  • Templates for recommended qualification standard operating procedures (SOPs)
  • Historical, tamper-proof validation reports with audit trails
  • Detailed installation documentation
  • Installation and instrument certification
  • Example OQ and PQ procedures