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Catalog number: VELOX
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Catalog number: VELOX
The Thermo Scientific™ Velox™ user interface with its integrated design combines the comprehensive access to the microscope optics and detectors to provide superior experimental control for the highest reproducibility, yield and best support for quantitative S/TEM studies in material science. The Thermo Scientific Velox software includes a unique software package for XEDS applications in combination with SuperX and DualX detector systems. A robust mapping engine combines multiple techniques optimized for transmission electron microscopy. On the fly drift correction, recursive mapping, indpendent channel readout, unique absorption correction with holder compensation: these techniques ensure that best in class EDS spectrum images can be acquired with the highest yield.
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Velox is a workflow based user interface for S/TEM imaging and energy dispersive x-ray analysis (XEDS) applications. It provides the software interface for the Ceta camera family in TEM applications, while in STEM imaging and analysis the triple bright field dark field detector signals and Dual-X / Super-X XEDS detector signal are handled. The software not only displays the signals live, but provides analysis functions for image processing like metrology, image filters and Fourier transforms or quantification of spectra of XEDS signals. The multimodal architecture allows to acquire simultaneous multiple EDS detector signals and STEM signals independently. The storage of the data is handled automatically to increase efficiency. It includes the most complete metadata handling for excellent documentation of the experiment for reproducibility of results and best quantitative offline analysis and simulation.

  • Ultimate quality in imaging and compositional mapping with advanced drift compensation methods like DCFI and cross correlations in fast recursive mapping
  • Highest reproducibility and best experimental control and documentation on multidetector tools via interactive detector layout interface and automatic storage of all vital meta data
  • Dynamic compositional mapping via time resolved XEDS and `peel back` function for recursive mapping to remove frame by frame to minimize artifacts on compositional analysis on beam sensitive material
  • Unique robust XEDS quantification software with compensation of holder shadowing at any tilt and 4 independent detector readout
  • Flexible STEM and TEM movie recording for dynamic studies
  • Live visualization of electric and magnetic fields using DPC imaging
  • Highest contrast atomic imaging of light and heavy elements with unique iDPC mode
  • Low dose high contrast imaging of light materials to image beam sensitive materials in their natural state


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