Thermo Scientific™

Vanquish™ Fluorescence Detectors

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Industrial Chromatography

Get trace detection performance through highly effective stray light suppression with Thermo Scientific™ Vanquish™ Fluorescence Detectors. These detectors reduce thermal effects using temperature-controlled flow cells for increased detection precision. Monitor up to four wavelength pairs simultaneously, or scan your chromatogram for the best emission/excitation wavelengths. Improve detection sensitivity and selectivity by leveraging ultrafast wavelength switching between peaks.

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  • Acquire data at up to 200 Hz for best support of even the fastest UHPLC separations
  • Tools to optimize analysis sensitivity
  • Simplify method development or improve existing methods using single spectrum scans or fluorescence field acquisition in excitation, emission, or synchronous mode
  • Improve your cost of ownership with increased lamp lifetime offered by our long-life xenon flash lamp and various lamp operation modes
  • Dual-PMT options to extend wavelength range