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Vanquish™ Diode Array Detectors

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Industrial Chromatography

Choose a great detection experience with Thermo Scientific™ Vanquish™ Diode Array Detectors. Our diode array detectors (DAD) for Vanquish UHPLC systems provide you with strong signal-to-noise performance and a wide dynamic range.

The Vanquish DAD HL uses Thermo Scientific™ LightPipe™ technology to achieve the best signal-to-noise performance through the combination of lowest baseline noise, a very long light path, and minimum peak dispersion.

The Vanquish DAD FG flow cell technology makes it ideal for use with setups demanding highest cell integrity and inertness.

Both detectors feature an ultra-wide dynamic range, ideal for simultaneous detection of highly concentrated main compounds and impurities down to trace levels.

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Vanquish DAD features
  • Industry leading linearity with up to 2.7 AU
  • Reduced interfering refractive index and thermal effects means less baseline drift and more reliable peak integration.
  • Data acquisition at rates up to 250 Hz using up to 10 absorption channels and one spectral field delivers the best support of ultrafast separations.
  • Easy-to-use detector with intuitive user interaction, convenient flow cell and lamp usage tracking, and the integrated wavelength validation through holmium oxide filter.


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