Thermo Scientific™

Virtual TruScan RM (VTR) App

Accurate material identity verification requires thorough method validation. The Thermo Scientific™ Virtual TruScan™ RM (VTR) App applies a cloud-based TruScan RM algorithm to validate methods using virtual samples rendering the need for physical samples and in-hand instrumentation in support of method validation obsolete. 
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With the VTR app wait times and costs associated with shipping physical materials are reduced, quarantined materials are released into production faster, and methods may be validated centrally allowing sites to focus on production. 

Users have access to any method or signature uploaded to their account rather than only those stored on an isolated instrument extending materials coverage with minimal invested time.


  • Validate TruScan RM methods in the cloud without the need for physical samples
  • Test against your full library of materials with one click
  • Interactive and exportable reports
  • Allows for standardization of method validation processes across your organization 
  • Upload Methods, Signatures, and Runs generated on a TruScan RM analyzer to your account on Connect