Please note that at certain times of the year Bis-Tris protein gel boxes may arrive inside insulated coolers containing ambient temperature gel packs.

NuPAGE™ Novex™ 8% Bis-Tris Midi Protein Gels, 26-well, w/adapters

Catalog number: WG1003A

Invitrogen™  Related applications: Protein Gel Electrophoresis

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NuPAGE® Novex® 8%% Bis-Tris Midi Gels are pre-cast polyacrylamide gels designed to give optimal separation of your small- to medium-sized proteins under denaturing conditions. Adapters are included with these gels that allow the gels to be run on a Bio-Rad Criterion™ Cell. Unlike traditional Tris-Glycine gels, NuPAGE® Novex® Bis-Tris gels have a neutral pH environment that minimizes protein modifications. Use NuPAGE® Novex® Bis-Tris gels for preparing proteins for sequencing, mass spectrometry, and any other techniques where protein integrity is crucial. Also, use NuPAGE® gels for optimal results during day-to-day use. NuPAGE® Novex® Bis-Tris gels come in two sizes and multiple well formats. Each box contains 10 gels. Features of NuPAGE® Novex® Bis-Tris gels:

• Faster run times—get separation of your proteins in as little as 35 minutes
• Longer shelf life—NuPAGE® Novex® Bis-Tris gels can be stored for at least 12 months at room temperature
• Better protein integrity—optimized sample preparation process preserves your proteins
• Wide ranges of molecular weight separation—select the right gel and running buffer to get the optimal separation of your proteins

Choose the right NuPAGE® Novex® Bis-Tris Gel for your protein separation
Obtain optimal separation of your proteins by choosing the right combination of gel and running buffer. NuPAGE® Novex® Bis-Tris mini gels come in 3 polyacrylamide concentrations: 10%, 12%, and a 4–12% gradient. We also offer 8% gels in the midi-gel format. The gels can be run using NuPAGE® MES or NuPAGE® MOPS SDS running buffer to obtain different separation ranges. NuPAGE® Novex® Bis-Tris gels are based upon a Bis-Tris-HCl buffered (pH 6.4) polyacrylamide gel, and have an operating pH of about 7.0.

Choose the right NuPAGE® Novex® Bis-Tris Gel for the size of your samples
Gels come in two sizes: mini (10 cm x 10 cm) or midi (8.7 cm x 13.3 cm) and either 1.0 mm (mini and midi gels) or 1.5 mm (mini gel format only) in thickness. NuPAGE® Novex® Bis-Tris gels also come in multiple well formats.

Fast and convenient to use
NuPAGE® Novex® Bis-Tris gels can be run in as little as 35 minutes when using the NuPAGE® MES Running Buffer. NuPAGE® Novex® Bis-Tris gels have a shelf life of at least 12 months at +4–25°C. Unlike traditional Tris-Glycine gels, NuPAGE® Novex® Bis-Tris gels have a neutral pH environment that minimizes protein modifications. The gels also provide sharper bands, higher resolution, longer shelf-life, and higher accuracy of results.

NuPAGE® Novex® Bis-Tris gels are formulated for denaturing gel electrophoresis applications. For optimal sample preparation, use the NuPAGE® LDS Sample Buffer and NuPAGE® Sample Reducing Agent with your samples. Use NuPAGE® Antioxidant in the upper buffer chamber in order to maintain the reduced state of the proteins during the run and allow maximum band sharpness. We recommend using Novex® Sharp Pre-stained Protein Standard; this protein standard contains our widest molecular weight range with 12 proteins bands ranging from 3.5–260 kDa. Get fast and sensitive staining of your protein gels with our SimplyBlue™ SafeStain.

We also provide NuPAGE® Novex® Tris-Acetate gels for separating larger proteins. For classic Laemmli-based Tris-Glycine electrophoresis, we provide Novex® Tris-Glycine gels .

NuPAGE® Novex® Bis-Tris gels can be used with the XCell SureLock™ Mini Cell and the XCell4 SureLock™ Midi Cell gel apparatuses and are compatible with the iBlot® Gel Transfer Device to create your western blots.

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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Gel Percentage: 8 %
Wells: 26 wells
Gel Type: Bis-Tris Gel
Separation Range: 3.5 kDa to 160 kDa (MES Buffer), 30 kDa to 180 kDa (MOPS Buffer)
Gel Size: Midi (8 cm x 13 cm)
Well Format: 1D Well
Thickness: 1.0 mm
Product Line: Novex™, NuPAGE®
Adapters: Includes Adapters
For Use With (Equipment): Bio-Rad Criterion™ (with adapters only), XCell4 SureLock™ Midi
Mode of Separation: Molecular Weight
Product Size: 10 gels (1 box)
Quantity: 10 gels
Sample Loading Volume: 15 µL
System: NuPAGE® Novex®

Contents & storage

One box contains 10 gels. Store at 4–25°C. Do not freeze. Shelf life is 12 months.


Manuals & protocols

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