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Sensititre™ YeastOne™ YO3IVD AST Plate

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Clinical Microbiology

Obtain accurate results for antifungal susceptibility of invasive Candida infections to guide therapy with Thermo Scientific™ Sensititre™ YeastOne™ YO3IVD AST Plate with Micafungin. Report and track echinocandin susceptibility against Candida spp. and make informed decisions to step-down patient therapy with this FDA-cleared panel which includes micafungin.

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Simplify and consolidate antifungal susceptibility testing on a single plate with Sensititre YeastOne YO3IVD AST Plate with Micafungin. Colorimetric Thermo Scientific™ alamarBlue™ agent provides reliable, easy, and consistent endpoint determination with visual read option for efficient workflow and accurate results.

  • Wide range of FDA-cleared antifungal compounds on a single susceptibility plate simplifies workflows
  • Complete echinocandin information, with the addition of micafungin, supports susceptibility tracking and reporting
  • Broad dilution ranges allow earlier detection of susceptibility changes and emerging resistance
  • Room-temperature storage eliminates inventory control concerns
  • Individual packaging allows the laboratory to test one plate at a time with no waste
  • Inclusive on-scale QC ranges provide immediate quality assurance of testing methodology
  • 24-hour incubation time enables timely results

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VersaTREK™ and Sensititre™ products are now part of the Thermo Scientific brand

For In Vitro Diagnostic Use.