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Zenon™ Mouse IgG2b Labeling Kits

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Quickly generate antibody isotype conjugates for immunocytochemistry (ICC), immunohistochemistry (IHC), flow cytometry, and cell imaging with the Invitrogen Zenon™ Mouse IgG2b Labeling Kits. Simplify your laboratory applications and reduce antibody cross-reactivity while also achieving efficient labeling of antibodies in serum, ascites fluid, or hybridoma suspensions.
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Achieve fast, versatile, and reliable fluorophore-, biotin-, or enzyme-labeled IgG primary antibodies with the Zenon™ Mouse IgG2b labeling kits. These kits utilize Alexa Fluor fluorophores, biotin, Pacific Blue, or enzymes such as R-phycoerythrin and allophycocyanin, which are attached to monovalent, affinity purified Fab fragments. The Fab fragments, in turn, are directed against and bind with the Fc portion of IgG primary antibodies. Only a small amount of starting material is required, and the method is optimized for efficient labeling of antibodies in serum, ascites fluid, or hybridoma suspensions. Because the Zenon labeling method is based on immunoselectivity, it does not require the removal of exogenous proteins (such as serum) or amine-containing buffers from the target antibody, simplifying the process.
Zenon labeling technology greatly simplifies the use of multiple mouse-derived antibodies in the same staining protocol. Zenon tricolor labeling kits contain sufficient materials for 10 labeling reactions of each of three different fluorescent colors.

Important features of Zenon labeling technology:

• Labeled antibodies are typically ready to use in 10 minutes
• Requires only 1–20 µg primary antibody
• Simple—no purification required
• Flexible — choose from different fluorophores, biotin, HRP, alkaline phosphatase
• Multiplex with other mouse monoclonal antibodies simultaneously
• Can be used in a variety of applications including ICC, IHC, flow cytometry, and cell imaging.

Advantages of using Zenon antibody labeling kits:

Cost savings
Zenon antibody labeling kits offer a cost-conscious and reproducible method of tagging as little as 0.4 µg in 2 µL of primary antibody, with minimal waste of expensive or difficult-to-obtain antibodies, or excessive washing steps that pose the risk of product loss.
Label your primary antibodies without compromising their antigen binding affinity: Zenon dye- and enzyme-labeled Fab fragments, which are targeted to the Fc tail, are affinity purified during their preparation to ensure high affinity and selectivity for the Fc portion of the corresponding primary antibody. The procedure for chemical labeling of the Zenon Fab fragments protects their Fc-binding site, resulting in more active labeling reagents.
No purification procedure is required prior to using Zenon Fab fragments in your laboratory applications. Formation of the Fab-antibody complex occurs in fewer than five minutes, followed by a five-minute blocking step. During this time, almost all the primary antibody in the mixture is labeled with the labeled Fab fragments.
The Fab-antibody complexes display fluorescence or enzymatic activity that is similar in intensity to that of directly labeled primary antibodies. Varying the extent of the antibody labeling is as simple as changing the amount of added Zenon labeling reagent during the reaction. Once the labeling complexes are formed, they can used immediately, without need for antibody purification.
The Zenon Fab-antibody complex is stable and allows subsequent or simultaneous labeling of different target cells and tissues with different complexes. After staining, an aldehyde-based fixing step may be used to prevent the transfer of different labels between different primary antibodies, preserving the initial staining pattern.
We offer custom antibody conjugation services that are efficient and confidential, and we stand by the quality of our work. We are ISO 9001:2000 certified.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Contents & storage

Contains 1 vial each of Zenon™ Alexa Flour™ mouse IgG2b labeling reagent (3x 10 µL), and 1 vial of Zenon™ blocking reagent (mouse IgG, 175 µL).

Store in refrigerator (2–8°C) and protect from light.