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Bioinformatics Consulting Plan

Catalog number:  ZGPCSCIONBFX

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Ion Torrent™ Next-Generation Sequencing

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Get the most out of your next-generation sequencing data with the Bioinformatics Consulting Plan. Beginning with an in-person assessment and a tailored training program to build your bioinformatics foundation, this plan helps optimize your lab’s proficiency with the Ion Torrent family of data tools.

Below are examples of how your lab can use the Bioinformatics Consulting Plan over the course of one year:

• Design your Ion AmpliSeq-targeted sequencing panel to maximize the value of each experiment
• Optimize your analysis pipelines in Torrent Suite Software or Ion Reporter Software to maximize the sensitivity and specificity of the data
• Add databases into Ion Reporter so that you can annotate your data with the information you need
• Grow your skills through live, guided technical data analysis training for applications of your choice
• Receive assistance for creating hotspot files
• Parse, format, and filter data by receiving scripting assistance
• Discover new strategies for detecting, characterizing, and prioritizing variants
• Develop plug-ins for the Torrent Suite Software to automate your workflows
• Effectively manage your IT computing, storage, and backup systems

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


For Use With (Equipment): Ion Chef™ System,Ion PGM™ Dx System,Ion PGM™ System,Ion Proton™ System,Ion S5™ System,Ion S5™ XL System,LiquidBiopsy™ Instrument
Plan Duration: 1 Year
Product Line: Ion Torrent™
Product Size: 1 plan
Service Plan Response Time: 24 hours (availability limited in some geographic areas)
Services Included: 1 site visit,Customized consultation,Support and training
Services Not Included: External storage solution configuration,Hardware upgrades,Support of third parties software or products