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TrueMark™ Respiratory Panel 2.0, OpenArray™ plate

Catalog number: A49044
Applied Biosystems™

TrueMark™ Respiratory Panel 2.0, OpenArray™ plate

Catalog number: A49044
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The TrueMark Respiratory Panel 2.0, OpenArray plate, is an efficient, easy-to-use fixed-content OpenArray plate for the characterization of key respiratory tract microbial targets. The plate includes 35 TaqMan assays that have been optimized for detection of 32 respiratory tract viral and bacterial microbes, including two assays that target SARS-CoV-2.

The plate also includes control assays for TaqMan Universal Extraction Control Organism (B. atrophaeus), TaqMan Universal RNA Spike In/Reverse Transcription (Xeno) Control, and the human RNase P RPPH1 gene. For a complete list of assays included in the plate see the TrueMark Respiratory Panel 2.0, OpenArray plate, product information sheet.

The microbial assays and the Xeno control are plated in triplicate, and the B. atrophaeus and RPPH1 assays are plated in duplicate.

Features of this syndromic panel-based real-time PCR solution include:
Extensive coverage—featuring a higher number of respiratory pathogenic organism targets than similar competitor products
Cost-effective workflow—lowest cost per sample when compared with other commercially available molecular solutions
Multiple sample input types—including nasopharyngeal (NP) swabs, bronchoalveolar lavage (BAL), and nasopharyngeal aspirate
Highest throughput—run up to 24 samples per plate

Each TrueMark Respiratory Panel 2.0, OpenArray plate, utilizes a microscope slide–sized stainless steel plate with 3,072 wells for individual 33-nL reactions where TaqMan assays are spotted. Simply set up the AccuFill system to transfer your reactions to the OpenArray plate, seal the plate, then load it into the instrument for results.

TaqMan assay designs and assay target sequences have undergone rigorous bioinformatics selection and analysis to maximize strain coverage and minimize potential for off‐target cross-reactivity. Qualified TaqMan assays also undergo performance testing to ensure that results are accurate and reproducible with high levels of analytical sensitivity and specificity.

The TrueMark Respiratory Panel 2.0, OpenArray plate, is orderable as single plates and is intended for use with the AccuFill and QuantStudio 12K Flex systems.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Detection Method
Product Line
1 Plate
Shipping Condition
Dry Ice
32 respiratory plus 3 control
Target Organism Class
QuantStudio™ 12 K Flex system with a OpenArray™ block
No. of Reactions
Up to 24 samples

Contents & Storage

Store at -25°C to -15°C