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inSPIRE™ Collaborative Laboratory Automation Platform

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Lab Automation

The Thermo Scientific™ inSPIRE™ Platform is the world's first collaborative laboratory automation system that integrates everything you need for your automated workflow. Its unique Thermo Scientific™ SmartShelf™ concept provides at-a-glance instrument feedback and touch control for instrument access. Versatile and flexible by design, the inSPIRE platform's modular components allow you to configure the right solution for your automated workflow. The platform is ideal for drug discovery, synthetic biology, human and animal health and other related workflows. It's perfect for labs requiring an easy-to-use, versatile, and compact solution.

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inSPIRE platform benefits

  • Intuitive – Works well with humans
  • Interactive SmartHandle Touch Control enables easy instrument access. The SmartHandle's color changes, combined with haptic feedback allow users to intuitively take control of an instrument by swinging out the SmartShelf
  • Versatile – With its modularity and expandability, this is the perfect solution for a variety of diverse workflows
  • “At a glance” health status indication for each instrument
  • Powered by Thermo Scientific Momentum™ Workflow
  • Compact, vertical design
  • Flexible & configurable modular components
  • Rapid onsite deployment
  • World's first collaborative system

inSPIRE platform description
The inSPIRE platform starts with a base that features inSPIRE Central with 3 to 6 SmartShelves, a standard fixed-top table cube, and up to 7 Momentum concurrent instrument interface licenses (at production run-time). The platform is built around the proven Thermo Scientific™ Spinnaker™ XT Collaborative Robot with its 360° workspace, and also includes Momentum Host PC, Momentum Scheduling Software, built-in ambient microplate storage, a fixed side guard panel, a fixed UPS for Momentum PC & Spinnaker, plus accessories. The SmartShelves support instruments such as Thermo Scientific™ Vanquish UHPLC Systems or the Thermo Scientific™ Cytomat system. The number of SmartShelves in your inSPIRE platform will depend on the number and type of instruments you want. The various configurable components can support numerous instruments needed for workflows such as but not limited to DNA extraction, manipulation, amplification, screening, and analytics.