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Neoma™ Multicollector ICP-MS

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Industrial Mass Spectrometry

Perform routine isotope analysis or explore novel isotopes in unknown materials using the Thermo Scientific Neoma multicollector ICP-MS (MC-ICP-MS). This ICP-MS system builds on our multicollector technology to deliver all the advantages of high-precision isotope ratio analysis, with none of the limitations. It includes state-of-the art software and hardware, features flexible and sensitive detector technology, a sensitive ion source and excellent mass resolving power, enabling challenging isotope analyses.
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Technology that transforms your science

Building on the strength of our multicollector technology, the Neoma MC-ICP-MS system blends the cutting-edge and field-proven technologies found in Thermo Scientific high resolution isotope ratio mass spectrometers and iCAP Qnova ICP-MS systems.

High-precision isotope ratio analysis, simplified

  • Delivers on performance with market-leading sensitivity, isotope ratio precision and accuracy
  • Features the latest hardware and software making the system easier to use than legacy MC-ICP-MS systems
  • Offers operator-focused software, with integrated first- and third- party peripheral control to streamline workflows and enhance productivity
  • Enables high throughput for routine applications while retaining the flexibility required for researching new applications