Thermo Scientific™

PINspector+ Pin Hole Detector

Pin holes and edge cracks compromise overall sheet quality resulting in downgraded material or scrap.The Thermo Scientific™ PINspector+ provides contactless monitoring of flat sheet for such defects. The instrument can detect holes as small as 5 microns on sheet speeds up to 2000 meters per minute. This is critical for food canning applications where the smallest hole can spoil the contents and put the end consumer´s health at risk. The PINspector+ can also be configured to show width measurement and provide additional information on strip quality.
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The Thermo Scientific PINspector+ Pin Hole Detector is recommended for coating lines, slitting lines and other process lines where sheet integrity is critical.

  • Hole detection as small as 5 microns
  • High speed detection for line-speeds as fast as 2000 meters per minute
  • Excellent hole position information: 1 mm in rolling direction, 6 mm in cross strip direction
  • Configurable hole size discriminator
  • No edge masks – completely contactless monitoring
  • C-frame configuration with optional manual or motorized roll off mechanics
  • Edge crack detection for cracks as small as 200 microns 
  • TCP/IP connectivity
  • Optional printed coil reports
  • Optional width measurement