Thermo Scientific™

Spinnaker Microplate Robot

Spinnaker Microplate Robot
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Lab Automation

Automate your scientific workflow easily with the Thermo Scientific™ Spinnaker™ robot. This 4-axis SCARA-type robot is well suited for a wide variety of research field including synthetic biology, drug discovery, and biotechnology. With integrated vision, the Spinnaker microplate mover provides self-correcting precision as well as powerful sample tracking and inventory management.

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Designed specifically for life science research, the Spinnaker robot provides an extremely friendly user-experience. Spinnaker's robot vision capability and easy-to-use software, guides users through a step-wise procedure for configuring and teaching automation solutions. The software also incorporates a location verification routine where the mover will automatically compensate for instrument drift. Now more than ever, the Spinnaker robot enables even the most novice automation user to design, set-up and execute automated processes.


  • Built-in vision
  • Smart teach jig
  • On-the-fly barcode reads
  • Location verification routine
  • Vision enabled teach wizard


  • Collision detection and recovery
  • Plate sensing in the gripper
  • Servo gripper does not drop a plate when the power goes out

Flexible Plate Handling

  • Handles most SBS format microplates
  • Deep well plate
  • Tip boxes
  • SBS Tube racks
  • Random or sequential access storage
  • Off-set grip standard
  • Overhead grip optional

Easy-to-use and Teach

  • Integrated vision
  • Smart teach jig
  • Gravity neutral robot
  • Choice of vision or manual teaching
  • Step wise interface for teaching
  • SmartMoveTM technology teaches path around obstacles
  • Teach wizard for teaching stacks


  • Operates with Momentum scheduling software
  • Error detection and recovery
  • Dynamic scheduler allows changes while running


  • Accordance with Category 3 safety standards
  • Integrated mover e-stop


  • Arrayed plate storage
  • Radial plate storage
  • Carousels (5 and 8 column available)
  • BenchTrakTM