Custom Assays

•  TaqMan® SNP Genotyping Assays
•  TaqMan® Gene Expression Assays

Order a custom Assay by first entering a sequence, then submitting the chosen target sites or regions for assay design.

•  Enter Custom SNP Genotyping Assay Primer/Probe Pairs
•  Search for predesigned TaqMan® SNP Genotyping Assays
•  Enter Custom Gene Expression Assay Primer/Probe Pairs
•  Search for predesigned TaqMan® Gene Expression Assays
•  Reorder Existing Custom Assays
•  View All Submitted Custom Design Jobs


Custom Assay Design Tool

miRNA Analysis

•  TaqMan® MicroRNA Assays
•  Ambion® Pre-miR™ miRNA Precursors
•  Ambion® Anti-miR™ miRNA Inhibitors

Search for miRNAs using the miRNA ID (name), miRBase accession number, or miRNA sequence. Obtain analysis products for miRNAs that do not exist in miRBase. Submit miRNA sequences, and we will custom design and synthesize miRNA precursors and/or inhibitors targeting that sequence.

•  Search for a Single miRNA
•  Search for Multiple miRNAs (Batch Search)
•  Submit Unpublished miRNA Sequences


miRNA Workflow Builder

Copy Number Assays

•  Predesigned TaqMan® Copy Number Assays
•  Custom TaqMan® Copy Number Assays

Search for predesigned TaqMan® Copy Number Assays by specifying a chromosome location, gene, or transcript. Order Custom TaqMan® Copy Number Assays by entering one or more sequences, selecting and submitting a list of desired target sites for assay design, and be notified when your designs are complete.

•  Search for predesigned Copy Number Assays
•  Generate Custom Copy Number Assays from Sequence
•  View Submitted Custom Copy Number Assay Design Jobs


Copy Number Assay Workflow Builder

siRNA Workflow Builder

•  Silencer® Select Predesigned & Validated siRNAs
•  Silencer® Predesigned & Validated siRNAs
•  Custom Designed Silencer® Select siRNA
•  Custom Designed Silencer® siRNA
•  Custom Select siRNA
•  Custom siRNA
•  TaqMan® Gene Expression Assays

Search database by gene name, gene symbol, gene transcript ID, or product ID. When your needs extend beyond our vast collection of predesigned siRNAs, you may order a Custom Designed siRNA or we can synthesize Custom siRNAs using sequences you provide.

•  Search Database to Order siRNAs & Assays
•  Order Custom Designed siRNA
•  Order Custom Synthesized siRNA


siRNA Workflow Builder

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