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Research Focus

Acute myelogenous leukemia (AML) with t(8;21)(q22;q22) is an acute myelogenous leukemia generally showing maturation in the neutrophil lineage. The protein encoded by this gene is a putative zinc finger transcription factor and oncoprotein. In acute myeloid leukemia, especially in the M2 subtype, the t(8;21)(q22;q22) translocation is one of the most frequent karyotypic abnormalities. The translocation produces a chimeric gene made up of the 5'-region of the RUNX1 gene fused to the 3'-region of this gene. Acute myelogenous leukemia (AML) with t(8;21)(q22;q22) is one of the most common structural aberrations in AML and can be found in 5-12% of cases of AML and in one third of karyotypically abnormal cases of AML with maturation. It occurs predominantly in younger patients.

Target Disease/Application

Acute myeloid leukemia (AML)

Chromosomal Alteration


Assay ID Clinical Name Gene Symbol Gene Aliases Amplicon Length  
Hs03024752_ft AML/ETO RUNX1 RUNX1T1 RUNX1 RUNX1T1 90


General Specifications

# of assays: 1
Technology: TaqMan® Assays
Scale: Available in multiple scales
Intended Use: Research Use Only

Kit Storage

-20° C


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