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Research Focus

The t(4;11)(q21;q23) involving the genes MLL and AF4 (alias for AFF1) is detected in 50–70% of infant leukemia. The MLL status of acute leukemia, including precise identification of the partner gene, is used in clinincal research studies to enable investigations that may provide information relating to therapy decisions.

Target Disease/Application

Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia

Chromosomal Alteration


Assay ID Clinical Name Gene Symbol Gene Aliases Amplicon Length  
Hs03024778_ft MLL_AF4_e9e6 MLL-AFF1 MLL AFF1 158
Hs03043611_ft MLL_AF4_e10-e4/e9-e4 MLL-AFF1 MLL AFF1 110
Hs03043614_ft MLL_AF4 e10-e4/e9-e4/e9-e5 MLL-AFF1 MLL AFF1 94
Hs03043643_ft MLL_AF4e11-e4/e10-e4 MLL-AFF1 MLL AFF1 150


General Specifications

# of assays: 4
Technology: TaqMan® Assays - Pre-formulated assay (20x or 60x mix)
Scale: Available in multiple scales
Intended Use: Research Use Only

Kit Storage

-20° C


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