XRCC3 T241M (T/C)

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Research Focus

Reduced DNA repair capacity resulting from genetic polymorphisms of various DNA repair genes has been shown in clinincal research to be associated with improved survival with platinum-based chemotherapy. Reduced efficacy of the XRCC3 protein, a consequence of the polymorphic variant, may result in impaired ability to repair cisplatin DNA damage.

Target Disease/Application

DNA repair genes polymorphisms


T/C M241T

Assay ID dbSNP ID SNP Name Gene Symbol Gene Name SNP Type  
C___8901525_10 rs861539 XRCC3 T241M XRCC3 X-ray repair complementing defective repair in Chinese hamster cells 3 Mis-sense Mutation
KLC1 kinesin light chain 1 Intron, Mis-sense Mutation, Transition Substitution


General Specifications

# of assays: 1
Technology: TaqMan® Assays - Pre-formulated assay (20x or 60x mix)
Scale: Available in multiple scales
Intended Use: Research Use Only

Kit Storage

-20° C


Citations & References (2)

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