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Primer Sequences
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Primer Chromosome Location
Chr.4: 86016607-86017128 on Build GRCh38
Each primer will be delivered in a single tube, dried-down
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Gene Details

Gene Symbol
Entrez Gene ID
Gene Name
mitogen-activated protein kinase 10
Gene Aliases
JNK3, JNK3A, PRKM10, SAPK1b, p493F12, p54bSAPK
Gene Chromosome Location
Chr.4: 86012296-86594117 on Build GRCh38
NM_001318067.1 NM_001318068.1 NM_001318069.1 NM_002753.4 NM_138980.3 NM_138982.3 XM_005263129.2 XM_005263130.2 XM_005263131.2 XM_005263135.3 XM_006714268.2 XM_006714269.2 XM_011532117.2 XM_011532118.2 XM_011532120.2 XM_011532121.2 XM_017008419.1 XM_017008420.1 XM_017008421.1 XM_017008422.1 XM_017008423.1 XM_017008424.1 XM_017008425.1 XM_017008426.1 XM_017008427.1 XM_017008428.1 XM_017008429.1 XM_017008430.1 XM_017008431.1 XM_017008432.1 XM_017008433.1 XM_017008434.1 XM_017008435.1 XM_017008436.1 XM_017008437.1 XM_017008438.1 XM_017008439.1 XM_017008440.1 XM_017008441.1 XM_017008442.1 XM_017008443.1 XM_017008444.1 XM_017008445.1 XM_017008446.1 XM_017008447.1 XM_017008448.1 XM_017008449.1 XM_017008450.1 XM_017008451.1 XM_017008452.1

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