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Primer Sequences
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Primer Chromosome Location
Chr.4: 68235939-68236172 on Build GRCh38
Each primer will be delivered in a single tube, dried-down
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Ampliseq ID's

Gene Details

Gene Symbol
Entrez Gene ID
Gene Name
transmembrane protease, serine 11B
Gene Aliases
Gene Chromosome Location
Chr.4: 68226653-68245694 on Build GRCh38
NM_182502.3 XM_011531608.2 XM_011531609.1

Cosmic Detail

Cosmic ID Mutation AA Transcript Location
3783820 c.238A>G p.K80E Chr.4: 68236153-68236153 on Build GRCh38
3605055 c.240G>A p.K80K Chr.4: 68236151-68236151 on Build GRCh38
3605054 c.240+1G>A p.? Chr.4: 68236150-68236150 on Build GRCh38
2829043 c.229A>G p.I77V Chr.4: 68236162-68236162 on Build GRCh38
3605053 c.257A>G p.Q86R Chr.4: 68236053-68236053 on Build GRCh38
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