SiRNA Validation Data



Gene ID:



NM_000051.3 XM_005271561.4 XM_005271562.4 XM_006718843.3 XM_011542840.2 XM_011542842.2 XM_011542843.2 XM_011542844.2 XM_017017789.1 XM_017017790.1 XM_017017791.1 XM_017017792.1

Validation Results:

3%(+/-0% mRNA remaining)(HeLa cell line)

Validation Procedure:

The above cell line was plated in at least triplicate the day before the transfection procedure was started. siRNA was transfected at a final concentration of 100 nM. RNA was extracted from the cells 48 hours after transfection. mRNA levels were measured by real-time RT-PCR using a random primer mix for the RT priming, followed by real time PCR. Knockdown is expressed as the relative amount of target mRNA remaining compared to that of cells transfected with a "nonsense" or scrambled siRNA negative control. Validation results are shown for multiple independent experiments.