TaqMan Assay and Array Files can be directly applied to your plate setup for any QuantStudio Real-Time System while using the new Design & Analysis (DA2) app on Connect, Thermo Fisher Scientific’s cloud-based qPCR data analysis platform, and for the QuantStudio 6 and 7 Pro Systems using the Design & Analysis desktop software version 2.3 or later.

The content CDs included with selected TaqMan™ Assay, Array Card, and Array Plate products have been phased out in March 2016, and the information has been made accessible online. Please make the appropriate selection in the tool below to obtain the relevant files and documentation.

Download TaqMan or Absolute Q Assay / Plates & Cards Files

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TaqMan or Absolute Q Assays
Fixed TaqMan Gene and miRNA Expression Array Cards (TAC / TLDA)
Custom/Flexible TaqMan Gene and miRNA Expression Array Cards (TAC / TLDA)
Custom/Flexible TaqMan Advanced miRNA Array Cards (TAC / TLDA)
Fixed TaqMan Array Plates (TAP)
Custom/Flexible TaqMan Array Plates (TAP)
OpenArray Plates

Frequently Asked Questions

Online Access System Overview

Why are CDs being eliminated?

Thermo Fisher continually looks for ways to minimize environmental impact, while enhancing the customer experience. Many computer systems available today no longer include CD readers, and the physical aspect of CD storage and confidential disposal can be highly burdensome to the user. In response to this feedback, Thermo Fisher has decided to move CD content to a secure online file retrieval system. This not only provides a more user friendly experience, but minimizes our impact on the environment. By eliminating CD shipments, Thermo Fisher will be reducing CO2 emissions by 34.4 metric tons of CO2 per year!

When will CDs stop shipping with my orders?

Product CDs will continue to ship with your orders until March 2016. After this time, CDs will no longer be provided, and the online tool will be required to access information for products in your order.

What information is available – will I still get what was on the CDs?

The information available via web download will be the same information provided in CD format. You will also have several options to filter the information you wish to receive. For example, you can specify to receive files for a specific item versus downloading information from the entire sales order. You can also select to receive order-specific information (such as AIFs and CoA’s) or product reference documents (such as protocols).

Where do I find protocols related to my order?

After you enter the requested information into the online system, the product reference documentation will be provided in a link.

What products are included?

  • TaqMan Assays
  • Fixed TaqMan Array Cards (TAC/TLDA)
  • Custom/Flexible TaqMan Array Cards (TAC/TLDA)
  • Fixed TaqMan Array Plates (TAP)
  • Custom/Flexible TaqMan™ Array Plates (TAP)

Can I access files from past orders that originally shipped with a CD?

The file retrieval tool can only provide files for orders shipped since November 9, 2015. Entering information from prior ship dates will likely result in an error that states the files cannot be found. If you no longer have the original CD, please contact technical support to obtain files from past orders.

What are the benefits of online access?

There are many advantages to having online access to your TaqMan product information :
  • Eliminating the need for a CD reader on computer systems
  • Easy access to files and content for specific orders
  • Streamlined and secure systems for downloading
  • Reduced need for physical storage capacity in labs
  • Flexible download options for you to choose the type of information you need
  • Eliminating the need to securely dispose of CDs that are no longer needed
  • Reducing waste and environmental impact

How secure is the on-line system?

The information is only available with the physical product shipment that is sent to the user. This ensures that only the individual that has purchased the product can view the content. The online system requires two pieces of information to verify user access.
How to Use the Online Retrieval System

How do I access the files online?

  • Go to thermofisher.com/taqmanfiles to access the TaqMan Assays, Plates and Cards Download Page.
  • Select the appropriate product type.
  • Enter the information being requested for the product type.
  • Indicate whether you want to receive the files associated with a specific item, or whether you want to receive all files associated with that order.
  • Click Submit.
  • Associated links will appear for order-specific files and product reference documents.
  • Click on the links to download the files.

Where can I find the required information to retrieve the files?

To ensure security, two pieces of information are required to access the file download links. Depending on the product type, the information requested could be a Sales Order Number, Part Number, Rack ID, Plate ID, Lot Number, or Batch Number. This information can be found on the Product Packaging. Examples of how this information is printed on the packaging are shown below for two of our products:

Example #1, TaqMan Gene Expression Assays:
For this product, a Rack ID and Sales Order Number are required and can be found on the packaging as shown below.

Example #2, Custom TaqMan Array Plates:
For this product, a Sales Order Number and Batch Number are required and can be found on the packaging as shown below.

What happens if I lose the information needed to retrieve the files?

The information is available on the label on the original product packaging as well as contained within the datasheet (where applicable). If you no longer have access to these materials, you will need to contact Technical Support for assistance.

I would like to view files for multiple items I ordered. Is there a quick way to retrieve files for multiple items, or do I need to enter everything individually?

For TaqMan Assays and custom TaqMan Array Plates and Cards, it is possible to retrieve all files associated with an order if the items were placed on a single order. You will need to access the system using the secure information for one of the items in the order. Before clicking the submission button, you can choose the option to retrieve all files associated with the order.
Note: For TaqMan Advanced miRNA products containing multiple Array Plates or Cards, entering a part number for an individual plate will allow you to access files for every plate in the complete panel (i.e. entering the part number for one plate in the TaqMan Advanced miRNA Human Serum/Plasma panel will allow access to files for both plates).
Technical and Troubleshooting Information

What browsers are compatible with the online system?

Internet Explorer (v 8+), Safari, Chrome, and Firefox are all supported.

How are partial shipments handled?

If you received a partial shipment of your order, only the relevant files may be accessible. You will need to enter the information for each shipment associated with your order to retrieve the complete set of files (Example: entering multiple Rack IDs that share the same Sales Order Number).

How long will my files be stored?

The files will be available in the online access system for the duration of the shelf life of the product. If you need additional storage capacity for the files, we recommend Thermo Fisher Cloud.

Where can I go for support with the site?

Throughout the site you will encounter ‘?’ icons that you can click to receive additional information on a specific item or task as you use the online retrieval tool. This FAQ section contains common questions, hints and help for using the online retrieval system. If you still require assistance, please contact Technical Support.