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f347 Quinoa

Whole Allergen
Code f347
LOINC 25743-6
Family Amaranthaceae (Chenopodiaceae)
Source Material Dried seeds
Latin Name Chenopodium quinoa
Other Names Quinoa
Categories Food Of Plant Origin, Seeds & Nuts

Molecular Aspects

No allergens from this plant have yet been characterized.


An extensive cross-reactivity among the different individual species of the genus could be expected but has not been described to date (1). Closely related family members include the weed Goosefoot or Lamb's quarters, which may be of relevance for pollen exposure.

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Last Reviewed-  April 2022

  1. Yman L. Botanical relations and immuno-logical cross-reactions in pollen allergy. 2nd ed. Pharmacia Diagnostics AB. Uppsala. Sweden. 1982: ISBN 91-970475-09