Trace elemental analysis instrumentation for fast, simple and accurate trace element identification

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Identify organic and inorganic elements at sub-ppt to ppm levels with our broad portfolio of instrumentation. We create breakthrough technologies and enable scientists in environmental, industrial, food and health markets to work smarter and faster, with the confidence and flexibility to adapt to changing demands.

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Simple, automated, robust and reliable single element analysis by flame or/and graphite furnace AAS. Enabling analyzes of the most challenging samples without compromising performance.

Dedicated solutions for trace elemental analysis at all levels – high throughput monitoring of elemental contaminants as well as cutting edge ultra-trace analysis. Comprehensive interference removal using both single and triple quadrupole technology with unique ease of use.

Powerful multi-element performance with the flexibility to analyze the most challenging sample matrices and ultra-low ICP-OES detection limits.

Configurable analyzers dedicated to reliable, high speed and accurate quantification of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, sulfur and oxygen.

Direct analysis from sub-ppb to % level: Complete elemental and isotopic characterization spectrometers for high-purity conductive and semi-conductive materials.

An intuitive, user-friendly platform software, designed to simplify workflows and maximize efficiency. Enable easy rotation of lab technicians, with this common software solution.

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Finding the Right Solution for Your Laboratory: A Comprehensive Guide to Trace Elemental Analysis Instrumentation
Finding the Right Solution for Your Laboratory: A Comprehensive Guide to Trace Elemental Analysis Instrumentation

This webcast series will provide you with the knowledge needed to choose the right tool for your laboratory.

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SQ-ICP-MS, TQ-ICP-MS or HR-ICP-MS - an easy guide to finding your perfect solution!

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