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Our dedicated and multimode readers provide flexibility, performance and ease-of-use for a variety of microplate assays. Whether you need to measure photometry, fluorometry, luminometry, time-resolved fluorometry or AlphaScreen, we offer a microplate reader solution for your lab.

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The modular and upgradeable Thermo Scientific™ Varioskan™ LUX multimode reader offers up to five measurement technologies, including Absorbance, Fluorescence Intensity, Luminescence, AlphaScreen, and Time-Resolved Fluorescence. It offers features to help you save time and reduce common errors in the lab—including automated dynamic range selection, which adjusts the optimal reading range based on signal intensities, and built-in safety controls, which alert you to potential errors before they happen.

Perform photometric research applications such as DNA, RNA and protein analysis quickly and easily with the Thermo Scientific™ Multiskan™ GO microplate spectrophotometer. This instrument features a broad wavelength range (including UV area), path length correction and a fast reading speed. You can run quick measurements directly from the instrument, or use the SkanIt software for more demanding assays.

Measure absorbance in a variety of research and routine applications with the easy-to-use Thermo Scientific™ Multiskan™ FC microplate photometer. This instrument provides proven performance and reliable results through built-in self diagnostics, IQ/OQ and verification tools. The Multiskan FC (IVD model) with the internal software conforms to the European IVD (In Vitro Medical Device) directive, making it ideal for qualitative and quantitative ELISA applications in clinical laboratories.

Featured video: Thermo Scientific SkanIt microplate reader software

Our microplate readers come with dedicated Thermo Scientific™ SkanIt™ microplate reader software, giving you the control and flexibility you need to set up assays and analyze data efficiently. Designed for users with a variety of needs and skill levels, SkanIt software is so easy to use that little to no training is required. Plus, there is no limit to the number of software licenses you receive, so you can install the software on as many PCs as needed.

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