Case Study

Chronic Renal Failure: Rule Out Peritonitis, Peritoneal Dialysis

Michael R. Broyles
PharmD – Director of Medical Affairs, Thermo Fisher Scientific

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Key Takeaways

Takeaway #1

Takeaway #1

The normal baseline PCT in renal patients is typically a bit higher—we use 0.5 μg/L at my facility.1

Takeaway #2

Takeaway #2

PCT is useful in patients on peritoneal dialysis, and trending is quite useful.

Takeaway #3

Takeaway #3

There was a steady decrease in PCT, by approximately 50% per day.

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  1. Meisner M. Procalcitonin-biochemistry and clinical diagnosis. Dresden (Germany): UNI-MED-Verlag; 2010.


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