Workplace COVID-19 testing solutions to help keep employees on-site and productive


Simple and effective solutions for small and large businesses.

  • Test at least once per week to help protect workers

  • Implement testing with minimal internal requirements and resources

  • Choose the at-home or on-site testing program that meets your business needs

Workplace COVID-19 Testing Workplace COVID-19 Testing

Free, informational guide to workplace COVID-19 testing programs.

Key considerations in finding the right program for your company and employees.

Convenient, effective, and customizable

Easy-to-implement testing solutions to help organizations get back to business

The Thermo Fisher Scientific™ Workplace COVID-19 Testing Program complements the dynamics of any business, so whether your employees work in an office, a warehouse, a manufacturing plant, or any location where people need to work together, they can focus on doing their best work.


Our flexible solutions can even be implemented with field based employees to instill confidence with customers that they may be visiting.




Life Science & Clinical


Food Service & Production



A flexible suite of solutions

Choose the testing solution that makes sense for you and your employees

The Workplace COVID-19 Testing Program was designed to make your life easier. With this smart testing solution, you can choose between an onsite or at-home test program. Each of the options allows you to identify infected employees and take proper precautions to prevent spread. In addition, the program includes digital registration, reporting, and is customizable to your company’s needs and budget.


  • Turn-key, easy-to-implement testing solution
    Fully integrated program, from sample collection to testing to reporting results, minimizes operational burden for your organization. Intuitive, built-in dashboards to easily monitor testing progress and results. Ability for employees to collect their samples at home or at the workplace.
  • Accurate testing helps keep a healthy workforce on-site
    Our workplace testing programs use PCR technology, the gold standard for COVID-19 testing. PCR-based tests can detect infections early, before symptoms arise, and in asymptomatic individuals. Test employees upon initial return to the workplace (re-entry) to start from a baseline of confidence. Continue re-entry testing for those returning from travel and time off. PCR tests are more sensitive than rapid antigen tests, and much less likely to miss infections1. home unnecessarily.
  • Monitor testing progress easily with digital dashboards while protecting employee privacy
    Easily and securely monitor individual and aggregate test results in close-to-real-time HIPAA-compliant software helps protect employee information.

Rapid, point‐of‐care antigen and molecular‐based tests for diagnosis of SARS‐CoV‐2 infection - Dinnes, J - 2021 | Cochrane Library



At-Home Individual PCR Test Program

  • Testing of individual samples
  • Employees can collect their samples using short nasal swabs in the privacy of their own homes, without supervision
  • At-home kits come with pre-paid FedEx shipping label to ship directly to the lab



On-Site Individual Unmonitored PCR Test Program

  • Testing of individual samples
  • Employees collect their samples at work with or without supervision of an administrator
  • Samples are dropped off at a designated location on-site, and shipped to the lab



Pooled testing

  • Multiple employee samples are polled into a single test just prior to testing at the lab, creating cost efficiency when community prevalence is low
  • Employees collect their samples at work under supervision of an administrator

Get introduced to Thermo Fisher Scientific Workplace COVID-19 Testing Programs

Maintaining a healthy workplace through simple and effective COVID-19 testing solutions.

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Simple implementation of a workplace testing program



Asymptomatic testing can be a key strategy to help reduce the spread of the COVID-19 virus.


This guide can help you understand and evaluate the workplace testing options available to your organization.


PCR and Rapid Antigen are two testing technologies used to detect COVID-19.


It’s important to understand what they each do best and how their attributes fit your testing scenario.


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