Why does COVID-19 testing in K-12 schools still matter?



Introducing a simple, cost-effective coronavirus testing program for K–12 students, teachers, and staff

During the pandemic, school closures have been one of the most widespread disruptions for students and their families. As schools move to return to in-person learning, new variants of COVID-19 already threaten to throw the school year off course, even with effective vaccines now available. Continued routine viral testing can help to identify and limit future outbreaks. This webinar will walk you through what we're doing to help reduce in-school transmission and keep you focused on educating students.


Title: The Path to In-Person Learning for K–12 Schools: A Simple Coronavirus Testing Program


You'll learn:

  • Why it's essential to continue testing for coronavirus even if the general population is vaccinated
  • About the National COVID-19 Testing Action Plan (NTAP) for designing an effective coronavirus testing program
  • The key requirements for successful school population testing
  • The benefits of implementing the Thermo Fisher Scientific ReadyCheckGo Testing Program—a comprehensive coronavirus testing program for K–12 schools


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