This is one test where the answer is easy. Help is here.

COVID-19 testing for Texas schools. Now available.

Important considerations for testing in K–12 schools.

An effective testing program should...


Empower teachers to focus on education

Help provide a healthy learning environment for students, teachers, and staff with minimal disruption to the day


Help maximize in-person learning

Avoid unnecessary quarantines to maximize student attendance



ReadyCheckGo provides...


Easy implementation

Simple software to manage registration, consent, and reporting results—less time processing tests in school


PCR-based, high sensitivity results

Proactive, PCR-based screening (99% accuracy) identified infections early and helps prevent exposure

Streamlined sign up process to get started quickly as 1 week

  • Dedicated account support to assist with sign up 
  • Full access to online administrator and parent support materials
  • Welcome kit shipped promptly upon sign up, which includes:

Setup Flyers for Admins

Program Overview Brochure

How to Swab Poster

Tube Holders

(tubes not included)

Find out what sets us apart?

Learn more about the ReadyCheckGo Program for Texas

Interactive daily dashboard for school and district administrators

Choose from customizable testing options




PCR is the most accurate testing method to identify asymptomatic individuals.



Lab-Pooled PCR test


PCR test

Antigen test



24/7 support

Available throughout the process








  • Real-time results delivered daily
  • Filter & view results by district, school, staff or students
  • Track individual positive results
  • Export data to integrate with other schools and record-keeping systems





Proven Success


1.5M +



People tested through our coronavirus school screening program


Continual supply supported by large network of lab partners


1,200 +



Schools have implemented the ReadyCheckGo testing program

What our ReadyCheckGo customers are saying

We love the student swabs. It gives them a sense of empowerment and involvement in the testing process that they even love. We've even heard them tell their friends about their experience.

Customer service has been A-1 since Day 1. From the first day of testing to regular check-ins, COLOR and Thermo Fisher have been there every step of the way. They are just wonderful.

It only took 10-14 days to implement the first pool test. It's not something that requires months and months of planning.

I think as we look to the next school year and with ever-changing guidelines from the CDC, testing provides us comfort and peace of mind that our students and staff are safe.

Lets do this right, next steps:


1.  Which testing option is the best fit for your district?

2. Already signed up for the ReadyCheckGo program?