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Blog: Why qPCR is the gold standard for COVID-19 testing


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Why do we need COVID-19 testing in schools?

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Will school infections result in “long COVID”?

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Will schools be the next source of COVID outbreaks?

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Thermo Fisher Scientific partners with Color to establish a national coronavirus testing program to make it simple and easy for students

Simplified coronavirus testing for K–12 students

Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the program.



If teachers and school staff are vaccinated, do they still need to be tested?


It depends on the requirements of the district, but we recommend that everyone be tested. While vaccinated people have a much lower risk…


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How does the actual coronavirus testing process work?


We provide schools with nasal swabs that make it easy and more comfortable for students to collect their own samples. With supervision,…


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Why do we need to test everyone? Shouldn’t we just test those who have symptoms?


Bringing kids back into schools and maintaining a healthy classroom is our top priority, which is why we recommend testing everyone. According to…


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What type of coronavirus test will be used?


The Thermo Fisher Scientific ReadyCheckGo Testing Program uses PCR testing technology—considered the “gold standard” and most accurate type of test by COVID-19 testing…


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