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Adaptable coronavirus testing for colleges and universities

No two campuses will be the same, so Thermo Fisher Scientific is a partner with customizable COVID-19 testing solutions that help you be prepared for today and tomorrow.


Featured solutions:

Prevent and mitigate outbreaks among the student population with a full-service arrival and routine testing program


A suite of solutions in a single, simple service so that you can focus on education.

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Assess symptomatic and high-risk students (athletes, etc.) for COVID-19 with on-site rapid PCR testing


The accuracy of PCR in a simple, 30 min test.



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Monitor the environment for presence of disease in specific areas using campus surveillance methods


Fast and highly reliable detection of SARS-CoV-2 virus from indoor air.



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Feature 1: Lessons learned by UIUC—a leader in on-campus testing

How do you prevent the spread of a contagious and potentially deadly virus on a university campus, where gathering, socializing, and speaking are the cornerstones of daily life? At the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (UIUC), this challenge was answered—in true university fashion—with collaboration and innovation.

How do you prevent the spread of a contagious and potentially deadly virus on a university campus, where gathering, socializing, and speaking are the cornerstones of daily life?





Feature 2: Tools for testing—PCR vs. rapid antigen

Selecting the appropriate test type is a highly important step in implementing an on-campus testing strategy. When testing an entire campus community regularly, it is important to note that scalable, highly accurate solutions with a large throughput, such as PCR or fast PCR, are likely to be more effective than point-of-care solutions, such as rapid antigen.






Feature 3: Helping keep people safe: A guide to population testing options for SARS-CoV-2

If you’re responsible for COVID-19 safety at a university, school, or workplace, testing of students or employees can be a key strategy to reduce the spread of the virus—while also helping you return to something closer to normal.

This guide can help you understand and evaluate the testing options available to your organization.

A guide to asymptomatic population testing options for SARS-CoV-2





Infographic – Coronavirus testing for university campuses: get the facts



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Infographic – Lab-based PCR and rapid PCR for COVID-19 testing: get the facts


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Blog: COVID-19 vaccines are here, but so are the variants, so testing is more Important than ever


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Blog: Preventing “Silent Spread”: Why Asymptomatic Testing is Crucial During Vaccine Rollout


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Infographic: Creating a university COVID-19 population testing program


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Case study: How Northeastern University Launched a COVID-19 Testing Lab in a Matter of Months


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Blog – It takes a village: COVID-19 testing and the university experience



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Blog: Fighting the spread of highly infectious COVID-19 variants



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Blog: A Collaborative Response to COVID-19 at the University of North Florida: Key Takeaways


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Blog – Rising to the Challenge of COVID-19: A Q&A with Dr. Doreen Perez and Bob Greenlaw of the University of North Florida

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Blog: Factors to consider for asymptomatic population testing on university campuses


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Blog – A proactive response to infectious diseases: Q&A with Dr. Jared Auclair of Northeastern University

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Blog: Teaching through the pandemic—Q&A with UIUC provost Dr. Andreas Cangellaris


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Blog: Implementing large-scale COVID-19 testing on a university campus


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Infographic: Testing the asymptomatic population is important for monitoring spread


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The right testing program is not one-size fits all; It needs to complement vaccinations and be able to adapt. Thermo Fisher Scientific testing options keep incidence and transmission low. And keep you ready to respond, navigate the dynamics of these ever-changing times.


To consult with a specialist, contact us about what options may be right for your institution.