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When versatility, low limits of detection and high sample throughput are critical, industrial businesses rely on the handheld Thermo Scientific™ Niton™ XL5 XRF analyzer. Providing customers with solutions designed to meet their most demanding applications, the Niton XL5 analyzer maximizes performance and productivity for XRF analysis.

Weighing an industry leading 2.8 pounds (1.3 kg), the Niton XL5 analyzer is the lightest and smallest handheld XRF analyzer available for elemental determination and alloy identification. Powered by a proprietary 5W x-ray tube, the Niton XL5 analyzer optimizes the geometry between the x-ray source, large area silicon drift detector, and the sample. Ultimately limits of detection (LODs) are improved and measurement times shortened, ensuring that you receive lab quality results every time.

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Increased productivity

The Niton XL5 analyzer is designed to work just as hard as you do. A miniaturized footprint and featherweight design reduce operator fatigue while increasing productivity. The analyzer’s compact geometry empowers users to reach tight spaces for critical measurements. Micro and macro cameras support sample positioning and collect full-scale sample imagery for better record keeping. An optional 3mm small spot collimator provides a zoomed in analysis for small areas.

Discover vivid new icons and an application interface that ease navigation and configuration. The Niton XL5 analyzer features a tilting, color touchscreen to empower viewing from multiple angles. Utilize swipe and touchscreen functionality, even with a gloved hand. Optional directional keys also provide added usability. The Niton XL5 analyzer meets your various analytical tasks in one versatile instrument. Available modes include: General Metals Mode, Precious Metals Mode, Coatings Mode, Mining Mode, Soil Mode, and Spectral Fingerprint Mode.

Smart technology

Intuitive, simplified software with customizable workflow solutions create a unique user experience engineered to meet your needs. The Niton XL5 analyzer offers unmatched flexibility with custom data field sets and user profiles. Define specific data captures, or generate operator permission sets. The Niton XL5 analyzer enables easy access to sample readings via wireless transfer to your network share. Using Thermo Scientific™ NitonConnect, control your device from the comfort of your computer, or opt to download sample readings. A streamlined interface eases access to scanning (Analyze), reviewing data (Data) and modifying device settings (Settings).

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Advanced performance for industrial markets

Powerful, fast and light the Niton XL5 portable XRF analyzer provides advanced analytical performance to a range of industries:

Oil and Gas

The structural integrity of pipelines and plant assets is key for safety. Positive material identification (PMI) of piping material is critical where flow accelerated corrosion, or sulfidic corrosion, is a concern.

  • Verify the composition of piping, valves, and reaction vessels in seconds, with the lowest LODs available.
  • Reach tight spots and corner welds throughout the plant or along the pipeline for continuous inspection and reduced operator fatigue.
  • Inspect and analyze individual component materials at receiving inspection, in-process welding/fabrication and final inspection check points.
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Metal Fabricating

This growth market relies on XRF for nondestructive elemental analysis to ensure that no incorrect or out-of-specification metals, alloys, or metal coated and plated parts enter the manufacturing process.

  • Determine alloy composition and grade for a wide range of metal chemistries faster than ever before.
  • Improve QA/QC and increase confidence in risk-management practices.
  • Measure thickness or coat weight of up to four (4) layers of coatings on a specified substrate.
    • Support layers consisting of pure metals, alloys and compounds and define substrates consisting of pure metals, alloys, plastics and wood.
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Scrap Metal Recycling

For metal recycling businesses, fast and accurate sorting of scrap is essential to enhance both workflow efficiency and profitability. The rugged Niton XL5 analyzer accommodates the toughest environments while its lightweight body reduces operator fatigue, enabling users to perform thousands of measurements per day.

  • Detect tramp/trace elements which must be identified and measured to meet regulatory standards.
  • Prevent alloy-mix ups or contaminated scrap from entering the supply stream.
  • Increase coverage with quantification of more than 30 elements and over a thousand alloys using multiple libraries.
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Mining & Exploration

Successful mining companies are those that are able to quickly identify and recover the most economically viable resources. Utilize mining mode to gather accurate, real-time geochemical data and maximize overall productivity.

  • Determine the concentration of elements from Mg to U in various types of geochemical materials.
  • Quickly identify drill targets on site and in real time.
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Environmental Remediation

The detection and remediation of environmental contaminants from industrial and mining operations is a global challenge. Collecting and analyzing thousands of samples on-site is a requirement for screening risk assessment and hazardous site modeling. 

  • Rapidly analyze soil samples in situ while providing information on heavy metal contaminates. 
  • Easily detect RCRA metals, priority pollutants and U.S. EPA target analytes with instant and legally-defensible results. 
  • Achieve instant results at a fraction of the time and cost of off-site laboratory testing.
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Niton XL5 benefits and features

The Niton XL5 handheld analyzer offers fast, powerful alloy analysis in a small, lightweight package.



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